The Evil Throne

Evil Throne, a post named after this piece of furniture by Kalopsia, which is currently one of my favourite furniture/ prop shops. Everything is so well made that I could just buy everything there and eventually find a reason to use it. Like this throne. It comes with several seats, but I have picked one of my Slouch poses for this post because it shows off  better the stuff I am wearing.

Which is Truth‘s Lagherta hair, not the most recent of his releases, but it kinda fits the theme and look, no? I’m also wearing Belleza‘s Beth, which will be a mini release at Uber, a new event, starting tomorrow July 31! You can see the various make ups here  and Beth will be available in the skintones Pale and Sunkissed.
I am wearing one of Letis‘tattoos again, this time not a full body one called Inermis.

My clothing is by Ison. The new release is a tight, bodyconcious slip with leather trimming and also my jewelry is from Ison, currently still available at Collabor88!

See those gorgeous heels? They’re from Bushu, a new shop at The Deck and they are called Pagan, which for me also matches the theme of the pic again. Or maybe not, but they do fit the outfit!!!

One thought on “The Evil Throne

  1. I felt exactly the same way about Kalopsia when I found it this last week! Their style is just that little bit quirky, but incredibly well made – worth finding and keeping 🙂

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