NSFW: Morning Bath

NSFW for the mere fact that there are boobies in the image. Otherwise I don’t see anything wrong with this awesome bathtub by Trompe l’Oeil for Fameshed. Yes, it comes with some pretty raunchy adult animations, but also the “normal” bathing animations are pretty awesome. So I imagine tossing in a Lush bath bomb (they are my faves)  and relax in the tub for an hour or so. Contemplating the day to come and all the exciting stuff that will happen.

Ok, who am I kidding… a stressful day in the office is ahead and my to do list tonight is likely going to be bigger that it is this morning, but that is why SL can be so awesome at times… pure escapism. So for now I better run and leave the soaking to Graz. She’s such a lazybum!

The skybox I used is also available at Fameshed. It’s Paris, by Apple Fall. The white turban is by Yummy.

One thought on “NSFW: Morning Bath

  1. I must have some sort of allergy to Lush and I have to walk fast every time I pass by the store because I’m overwhelmed by the fragrant assault! Just reading the line “Lush bath bomb” made my eyes itch :p
    Awesome picture though 🙂

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