And just like that, another month gone

Sometimes I wonder if I should just giving up this space alltogether. RL is currently so all consuming that, even though I am in world and I do take pics, I can’t be bothered by going that extra mile and post them on here and do credits etc etc.

On the other hand, the domain is paid for another year, so I guess things will crystalize out in the months to come. Either way, here are a couple of looks I have been doing over the past days!


Belle Epoque

Beautiful dress from Belle Epoque, currently out at their mainstore for FameshedGO!


Enfant Terrible‘s Salome gown, Not new, but I was just feeling it!


At a gallery opening yesterday I wore this cute little Ciera dress by Canimal. I wore it in white for the occasion, but with this Wisteria house backdrop by Paparazzi, the lilac one fitted better!


and then today I went to do some sim epxloring and ended up at Butterfly beach. A lovely calm beach with beautiful landscaping. I’m wearing Decoy’s Josephine skirt and the Qtee bikini top by Nerido.


Yeah, honestly guys, I have no idea which hairs and skins I am wearing exactly in these pics. Skins probably mostly Glam Affair, at least for the first 3. I am not sure about the last pic, and in the meantime, in world, I have changed skins and hair at least 3 more times today. As for the hairs, there is some Doux, Wasabi Pills, I think the hair in the Canimal dress pic is Monso and in the Josephine skirt pic it’s probably Tukinowaguma. But it’s 3:30 AM and I haven’t slept yet, so what am I even thinking to try to blog some and yes, I am too lame at this time of day to go through my mess of an inventory to try to figure out the exact names of the hairs!

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