Google Nik for free!

Google has decided to make their photoediting tools, the Google Nik collection available for free! Previously this set of pretty powerful photo enhancing desk top plug-ins  would cost you USD 149, but since a couple of days, Google has made it available for free. If you’ve been wanting to play around and have some reallyContinue reading “Google Nik for free!”

Trompe l’Oeil & Tartessos Arts

This modern build of awesome is Cory Edo’s offering for this month’s edition of Collabor88. Trompe l’Oeil is one of those brand that never disappoints at C88 and this month is no exception. The open floorplan leaves you plenty of decoration options, although the curved walls may be somewhat challenging if you want a lotContinue reading “Trompe l’Oeil & Tartessos Arts”

Niran’s Viewer

See this picture? It’s not post edited. That is, I took it at 5000×2584 in Niran’s viewer and then only cropped and resized. Crisp shadows, NO GRIDLINES! Needless to say I am a bit in love right now with Niran’s Viewer. But before you run to download it, I think a warning is in order.Continue reading “Niran’s Viewer”

Sogno Courtyard by Barnesworth Anubis for C88

Barnesworth Anubis, one of my all time favourite builders, has released this beautiful courtyard with a loggia for Collabor88. The build is only L$ 188 and the matching furniture pack is L$ 188 too. It reminds me of the hot late afternoons in Italy, where the sky would suddenly overcast and a hell of aContinue reading “Sogno Courtyard by Barnesworth Anubis for C88”