Olé … or Graz, check the price tag before buying!

Sometimes…. sometimes I wish I was less of an impulse buyer! Like yesterday… and the day before… and the day before tha.. oh well. Yesterday I went to a preview of Tres Chic, which is now open to the public and when I saw this Toreador jacket from Zafair I went all “must have!”and clickedContinue reading “Olé … or Graz, check the price tag before buying!”

I’m not a complete idiot…. some pieces are missing

[UPDATE] Houms Thorn, the owner of HT sent out an update notecard to the quality bloggers they first approached that there has been a miscommunication and that review copies will be involved and that people can post their own content, as long as it remains quality (well, duh).  Unfortunately, for me, it’s a case ofContinue reading “I’m not a complete idiot…. some pieces are missing”

Creator Beware Turns to Buyer Beware

Last week I posted about art work from Threadless.com being illegally used in SL, and how using copyrighted work makes content creators look bad who are saying they are protecting IP rights, but obviously don’t protect other people’s rights as fiercely as they do their own. Well… much to my surprise (or, well.. maybe not even) todayContinue reading “Creator Beware Turns to Buyer Beware”

Creator Beware

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Threadless.com. I wasn’t, till it was shown to me a couple of weeks ago in relation to a possible case of copyright infringement. People submit their designs to Threadless.com, and when they get enough votes, their work will be printed on t-shirts or as postersContinue reading “Creator Beware”

Things That Make You Go.. OMGWTF!?

Last year Linden Lab decided to update some of the default (library) avatars and invited content creators to send in their offers. People like Nylon Pinkney and Sachi Vixen are among the creators who have made these new avatars. It was good to finally see some better noob avatars, after all, it’s not like SecondContinue reading “Things That Make You Go.. OMGWTF!?”