Behold a rare sighting of a red head Grazia! There was a time in my SL that I was a ginger most of my time but then I passed to white/pale blonde around 2010 and that is more me. However, I love the saturated coppers that several brands have and Besom has just updated her textures and they are beautiful!!! This blog feautures some of my Collabor88 haul. While the main sim was packed, so soon after opening, I had no issues whatsoever to get into the cam shopping sim!

Hair by Besom, Villa @C88
Mesh head by LeLutka, Vera @C88
Facial applier by Glam Affair, Miwe @C88
Jacket by Plastix, Frostbite @C88
Dress by Mutresse, Didi @C88
Backdrop by Trompe l’Oeil, Rhordyn Towertop Skybox + Surround @C88


Miwe skin  on a selection of LeLutka heads

For January’s Collabor88, opening tomorrow, Glam Affair will have this pretty new applier for LeLutka (and also one for the Catwa girls, which I am sure will be covered here and there as well). I decided to show her on a couple of different heads, with my own shape, adjusted here and there for my personal preferences. What I have noticed with the latest skins for LeLutka is that they fit the latest heads (Aida Vera and Piper) better than their updated older sisters. While not dramatically visible, the facial and skeleton updates do have had their impact on how skin appliers behave on these heads!
But still, with some shape adjusting work, I think Miwe looks adorable on all 5 heads above!!

To clear your head

to clear your head

Nothing like a walk on the beach to clear your head every now and then. Followed by hot cocoa and whipped cream in your favorite beachside café that is. And if you are not the designated driver, splurge with a nice dash of rum… or Grand Marnier!

Hair by Doux, Charlie
Mesh head by LeLutka, Piper
Facial applier by Glam Affair, Piper
Glasses by Cae, Louisa
Lipstick by Pink Fuel, Dazzle Me
Jacket by Boys to the Bone, Stockholm
Top by Tee*fy, Ashly
Pants by Osmia, Erika

Mix ‘n Match

Mix 'n match

Hair by Lamb, Mirror Kisses @Fameshed
Mesh head by LeLutka, Piper
Facial applier by Glam Affair, Piper
Eyeshadow by Veechi, Autumn’s kiss
Lipstick by Alaskametro<3, Blossom palette
Jacket by COCO Designs, Textured Faux Fur Jacket @Fameshed
Scarf by La Gyo, Anapos
Shirt by Izzie’s, Basic longsleeve appliers
Cardigan by Baiastice, Aine @Fameshed
Leggings by Cynful, A girl’s thing @Fameshed

Caveat: the jacket and the cardigaan are not made to be worn together. Fiddling with the various available sizes gave me a satisfactory result for the pic to show off the various items, but should you decide to wear it “live” be prepared for clipping!

See you later!

see you later!

I love wandering the Soul2Soul sims. Minnie Atlass and Boone Blanco do such a wonderful job landscaping and creating beautiful sims. Today I’m at the Highlands, ready for a hike of sorts. Well… if this were a real hike, I’d be horribly outfitted with my high heels and cute pleated skirt. Granted, the shoes have a sturdy block heel, but still… go figure!

This is beside the point though. One of the amazing things in SL is that you can actually go for a hike on your stilettos if you want to… or in stilettos and a flimsy corset, or wear pink and red together without people eyeing you… or wearing socks over tights because you like it!  OK, they may be eye-ing you.. but shake it off! They have their own fashion quirks you would never even think of pulling off. And guess what? That is awesome. Be you, be unique and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Hair by Doux, Angeline (includes scarf)
Mesh head by LeLutka, Vera
Facial applier by Bold & Beauty, Bella
Sweater by Ison, Riley
Skirt by Blueberry, Juju
Glitter tights by Izzie’s
Shoes by Baiastice, Fringed Suede Pumps
Backpack by Yummy


good morning

NYE… it’s over before you know it, and then a whole new year lays in front of you… where to start? Well, considering the mess in the kitchen, my suggestion is COFFEE,  if needed accompanied by some Tylenol, and then tackle that clutter! You do not want those bacteria to contaminate your new year’s day food, right? right?

Oh, who am I kidding? The coffee happened, but the kitchen is still a mess and food… I’ll order some if we get hungry. I’m not moving from this couch. Nope… not today. Tomorrow… maybe.

Hair by Argrace, Ichika
Mesh head by LeLutka, Vera
Facial applier by Bold & Beauty, Bella
Top by Neve, Chill @Uber
Pants by Neve, Lax @Uber

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (mandatory X-massy title)


“Hey Graz… what do you want for your birthday?” Well dear people, since my birthday is in December, and it’s always a bad bad month for me -too much stress, social interaction oveload and generally overwhelmed from around mid November on- I desperately ask for January… but I am never getting it early. 

I am the person at your Christmas table who will be silent, with half a smile, wondering why she didn;t have the guts (once again) to just cancel and choose mental health over sociability and filling other people’s expectations. After all, nobody wants to be the Grinch, right?

And neither do I, but dang… Can December just be over already? I have daily migraines, all my muscles hurt because all of my body is super tense, i have insomnia so I am dragging myself through the days and yeah, I’m not productive at all, especially not on this blog. And did I mention hot flashes? Yes, I am THAT old!

Sorry peeps… but I just don’t have it in me. /end depression rant


And then the angels at LeLutka decide to release not 1, but 3 new heads just before Christmas! Honestly, this makes my month!
Meet Piper (the redhead above) Vera, the blonde right here, and Aida, the brunette down below. 

How pretty are these ladies with their dedicated Glam Affair skins? They will be released today, December 22, but I have no ETA in terms of SLT. 

These heads have been tinkered with, in terms of adjusting the skeleton so that it’s easier to play with the sliders and personalize. They all come with a dedicated shape, but loving diversity, the LeLutka team encourages everyone to make their faces and bodies unique!


If you want to be the first to know once these beauties get released, join the LeLutka update group in world!

UPDATE: I was just playing with a couple of different skins on Aida… she’s pretty versatile as you can see. Images untouched, all 5 with the same shape (and eyebrow shape) 

Versatility (Aida)

Jim, Marissa and the LeLu dolls


Guys!!! LeLutka has released a massive update to their heads and new heads wil be out as well soon!
The new HUD is sexy! I have no other words for it. It’s just UNF… love! 
Long story short: the heads have updated weighting, to make them more compatible with 3rd party skins (Omega), the expressions and moods have all been updated as well, the HUD has a new design AND is bake on mesh ready! Yes I know, Bake on mesh is still in the project phase, but I’m excited that LeLutka is prepared for the (near) future and that their heads are ready to do! Other awesome perks: the LeLutka eyes on the HUD can be toggled between larger and smaller irisses, instead of just an eyebrows layer on  the HUD there is now a Face layer, which can not only apply eyebrows but also facial embellishments and they have 4 complimentary settings on the HUD. For the full new features, check LeLutka‘s website here

So LeLutka aside… I am wearing the new Glam Affair applier, Marissa, for LeLutka, currently available at ACCESS and Tableau Vivant‘s Jim hair from this month’s Kustom9. Call it a cliché, I’m ok with that, but these 3 brands are such a collaborative powerhouse. I love them hard. 
My bikini is from Inkhole and currently out at Equal10

So now I am going to wait patiently (NOT) until LeLutka finished their new heads so that I can play some more. I’m curious to see whether there will be one that is going to replace Simone for me, as I have been wearing it almost exclusively for years now.