Look of the Day

The inspiration for this outfit comes from the lovely build that CJ Carnot made for the new Tête à Pied sim. It is a gorgeous french station, in the best neo classical tradition with high walls and ciseled pillars. As a matter of fact… I think it is the only space I know in SL where I am not that bothered with the sound of heels clicking, as your heels would make the same echoing sound in a similar RL station…. enough… or I’m going off topic. Anyway, it is reminiscent of the luxury train traveling of the 30’s, and this outfit matches the feeling of that.

The cloche is Siyu Suen’s entry for the EFA Design Awards that I fell immediately and madly in love with and the shoes.. omg the shoes… everyone has been drooling all over Stiletto Moody’s scultped shoes lately… but personally I was not that impressed when I saw them and I think the price is ridiculous. These are made by Storm Schmooz and they are at least as good as Moody’s and they cost only a fraction of the foresaid.


  • Femme en noir by Miko Omegamu @ Icing, L$ 295
  • Vanilla stockings by JW Russell @ Down Undies , L$ 75
  • Désir de Noir shoes by Storm Schmooz @ Storm Schmooz, L$ 300


  • Darling Cloche, hat by Siyu Suen @ Illusions, L$ 100
  • Margeaux white pearls by Caliah Lyon @ Muse, L$ 250
  • Celine pearl drop earrings by Caliah Lyon @ Muse, L$ 150 (2 sets)
  • TaP Heiress handbag by CJ Carnot @ Tête à Pied , L$ 200
  • Logo bracelet by Cora Lu @ Paper Couture, not found in the shop, possibly discontinued
  • White gloves by CJ Carnot @ Tête à Pied, freebie on the sim


  • Skin: Vivant Buff Fleur by Roslin Petion @ Tête à Pied, sim opening skin hunt, not available after 18 December 1 pm slt.
  • Hair Abyss 1984 in smoke by Khai Sinister @ The Abyss , L$ 200

Holiday Formal

Sachi Vixen’s new formal releases for the 2007 holidays are truly gorgeous. The understated design (I like to think of it as fashion without bling), the soft textures that almost seem to glow and the exquisite prim skirts are enough to win you over, not to mention that every outfit comes in multiple skirt options, so fit for every occasion in the holiday season, except for long walks with friends in the winter wonderland. The Elan gown in silver forms the basis of this festive outfit.
In the spotlight Random Calliope’s jewelry. What this magician does with prims is really unbelievable. These are untextured and unscripted… just bare prims in their most gorgeous self.



  • Boa and gloves from the 2006 Limited Edition Noelle gown by Ginny Talamasca @ Dazzle Haute Couture, discontinued (tinted in a very light grey to match the silver of the gown)
  • Paillette evening clutch in silver by CJ Carnot @ Tête à Pied, L$ 100
  • Earrings beloning to the Ice Queen set by Random Calliope, L$ 1000


  • Vivant skin Paon in buff, custom version by Roslin Petion @ Tête à Pied, L$ 500 (regular single skins)
  • Ginny hair in nickel by Elika Tiramisu @ ETD, L$ 200 (naturals II pack)

Look of the Day

It’s a pattern…. have you noticed? I am hooked on plaid this season. And here is yet another plaid based outfit. I just think it is such a cozy yet elegant look. The skirt also comes in green, and when I TP’d back jusy now to check on the price I saw similar plain skirts too in white and deep brown. Very Lovely. The skin, although not yet released, is something special. For all you freckle fans out there, this skin has the softest freckles all over the body. Other skins I have seen so far don’t have that (unless they are mod and you use the system freckles)


  • Yumyum Check Skirt red by Toraij Voom @ DP, L$ 80
  • Blouse from Mars Outfit by CJ Carnot & Roslin Petion @ Tête à Pied, outfit L$ 300
  • Alizee shrug (tinted) by Ginny Talamasca @ LastCall, outfit discontinued
  • Black Tights from Sh Oluja @ Sheer, L$ 100
  • Melisande Boots in Onyx by Lyra Muse @ Vamp, L$ 250


  • Black tie from the Erotika Uniform by June Dion @ Bare Rose, L$ 120
  • Tahitian pearl bracelet by Trixi Bumbo @ Trixi’s Treasures, L$ 450 (full set)
  • Simple Snakeskin Belt black (tinted) by Fallingwater Cellardoor @ Shiny things, L$ 120
  • Black clutch by Caliah Lyon @ Muse, RFL’07 special, discontinued


  • Vivant Buff Rose 1 by Roslin Petion & CJ Carnot @ Tête à Pied, expected release December 16, L$ 500
  • Crave hair in black by Stumbelina Ophelia @ Cake, L$ 300

RL Fashion Inspiration

Thx Tao for adding More Than Meets The Eye to Fashion World. xoxo

My main fashion inspiration comes from a friend I have known for about 12 years. When we met he was a booker at a modeling agency and when we started talking over drinks he told me about his passion for fashion and that he dreamed of becoming a couturier. A few years after we met I was involved in the organisation of his first big couture show, and nowadays he has a blooming fashion house in Antwerp. Although we don’t have frequent contact anymore, I never stopped following his collections and I am proud of what he has achieved.

What fascinates me in Stephan Badal’s fashion is the ultra femininity in design, combined with often very rich asian fabrics, not to mention impeccable detailing and craftsmanship. The designs he makes serve just one purpose…. to make women look as beautiful as possible. In the last year I have seen many of the things he uses in his designs in inworld collections too and it always makes me smile to see how RL fashion finds its way into our second lives.

Business Managers

A lot of content creators have Customer Service Representatives, which I think is a sweet thing to do especially if a shop is big and you would be really searching for the product that you are looking for. In that case it is a very nice service to have an employee available to help your customers find things, to help out with easy issues and to give information on how to get the best possible service. It is especially nice when a content creator has the time filled that he or she cannot be in world him/herself.

Recently there is a development for hiring so called business managers. Obviously these are persons that have more influence than a simple (ahem) CSR, they may be even able to restart a sim, and do some blogging and manage the update group. Way to go. But they still have no access to inventory, they are still merely representing, not actually managing the business.

What I find totally lame though is content creators that actually refer in their profiles to their business managers, stating that for all matters regarding their business they should contact the business manager. That way they are reducing themselves to content creating entities and inventory givers only, they create a distance between themselves ad their clientele, and honestly… I think it is just plain arrogant. How important can you feel yourself that you shut off the contact with your clients?

Personally, I feel that a content creator who hides behind a business manager (especially when NOT squeezing out new stuff regularly) thinks he or she has better things to do than actually running their business, and so I am less likely to bring my L$ to their shop. They may be thinking they are doing a good job on service.. but for me it just feels the other way around. A big part of my shopping fun is also in the contact with the makers, to hear what drives them, and how they see things. If I am interested in your product, I am interested in you.. not in your business manager.

/rant off

Dang.. Got Tagged

Ben Vanguard… you are such a (b)rat… still love you though…. tagging me.. how could you? But… once tagged.. you have to be a good sport and play along sooooooo… here we go:

(1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.

(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1) I am phobic for the dentist. It’s ridiculous as my pearly whites are just that and I never had issues at the dentist. Still I managed to lock myself in the rest room and not come out again and my dentist (my uncle of all people) pleading outside because there was this girl who needed to pee.

2) I am motorically challenged… hence my typos.

3) I was the little girl that during a ballet performance ended up before the curtain after we finished and could not make my way back stage… hey.. I was 6!!!!

4) Thunderstorms freak me out. I love to see the lighting.. but I can’t stand the flash. Do I make sense?

5) I always avoid having my photo taken, which can be quite challenging when your other half is a photographer. Can have something to do with the flash thing.

6) I get all agressive when a dad takes his screaming kids to the supermarket on Saturdays. First I get irritated with the occasional shopping man that does not know his way around in the supermarket (“Look how emancipated I am. The wifey can stay home on Saturday”… duh.. more like…”Your turn big boy.. oh and take the spoiled brat with you I have a headache”) and secondly… keep your kid under control… a screaming toddler in your shopping cart is so NOT an asset….. eeks.. got carried away here 🙂

7) I used to be quite a dancer, unfortunately above mentioned challenge that I have since 5 years now made me into a camel on the dance floor

8) I hate participating in things like this… but I love to tag a couple of other people ;-P

You’re tagged: Ryan Darragh, Celebrity Trollop, Blaze Columbia, Prue Lu, Miriel Enfield, Nicky Ree, sachi Vixen, Onyx Leshelle

Look of the Day

This look popped in my head when I received a group message from Lyra Muse that she had some limited in time boots out at Last Call. They are very holidayish… with the white fur trim (the boots come in green, black and silver too) so I wanted to pair them with a slightly more day to day look.. after all.. we’re getting close, but it ain’t X-mas yet. Last week when I found the scarf and waistcloth at Creamshop, I just HAD to have them, but until now they were idling in my inventory. I think they are doing really well together, the boots and the plaids.


  • An*knit sweater, top part, in white by Anju Enoch at Petit Ange ,L$ 110
  • Amby Denim capri [dark] specialty by Ambyance2 Anubis @ Naughty Designs, L$ 125
  • Sugar boots in Holly by Lyra Muse @ Last Call, L$ 250


  • Check Charm Stole (brown) by Sazae Yoshikawa @ Creamshop, L$ 220
  • Check Charm Waistcloth (brown) by Sazae Yoshikawa @ Creamshop, L$ 220


  • Skin Après Ski 3 in Buff by Roslin Petion @ Tête à Pied, L$ 500
  • Hair Emily in Espresso by Elika Tiramisu @ ETD, L$ 200 (natural pack)