LOTD: February 9, 2020

Hi guys, just a quick one today, outside it’s storming like crazy, but inside with plenty of tea, wine and snacks, it’s a comfy Sunday!

So I’m wearing:

Hair Bloodlines by Doux
Meshhead Nova by LeLutka
Facial applier Ella by Glam Affair
Eyelid shine As you Wish by Shiny Stuffs
Moles B Ella by Glam Affair
Lipgloss A Ella by Glam Affair
Eyes Hellmann blue by Gloom
Jewelry Reese by Cae
Bomber jacket Olivia by Pixicat
Top Savannah by Pixicat
Belt Sabrina by United Colors
Skirt Sabrina by United Colors
Purse Together by DDL

GRWM: pretty in pink

Hi! Remember my little idea of doing GRWM (Get Ready With Me) posts? Initially it was a bit frustrating because of the lack of Bom ready (new) make up, as well as the fact that my favorite brand of mesh heads was pretty much being overlooked by the creators of SL, despite the superiority of the product in both aesthetics (ok, subjective), scripting (can’t argue with that, it’s super smooth) and animations.

But recently LeLutka released the first 2 heads of their new Evolution line, and omg, everyone is catching on!! If I want, I can wear a new skin every day (those who know me know that this is truly a thing…. I’m a skin addict) and there is so much makeup out already in either BoM layers, or the HD format, for those who are not quite ready to give up on all their HUD appliers!

So look at my bare face, wearing nothing but LeLutka‘s Nova and Glam Affair‘s Avril skin. My combed back hairbase is one of the LeLutka bases that came with the head (004, brown). And see the cute Cupid eyes? They are from Avi-Glam and like Avril they are currently out at the Valentine themed Cupid Inc event.

What I wanted to achieve today is a nice day-to-day look. Nothing over the top dramatic makeup, but something I would feel comfy with wearing in RL.
I switched out of the Avril 006 D skin to the browless Avril 006 E skin and applied the LeLutka Erin brows 004 for a more filled and slightly more pronounced look

After my brows, I put on Alaskametro‘s Beauty Guru contour 01 blended (older gacha item), which as you can see adds a bit of light under the eyes, as well as Glam Affair‘s Avril Blush C, which is really very soft, just a hint of colour on the cheek, leaving you looking healthy and glowy.

My eye makeup is a combination of layer and HD. The HD eyeshadow is from Colivati‘s Marilyn pack as well as Glam Affair‘s Avril black inner liner A. My lipstick is also by Colivati, from the Riley lipstick pack and to finish the look off, I switched from my everyday lashes (for those who have the head, the 5th row, right one) to the upper row right one and made them deep black in the tinting option, instead of my more softer daily brown lashes.

I like to pretend that I just pulled a scrunchy out of my hair, releasing my perfectly blown out manes in slowmotion, but reality is that I just added Truth‘s Opium to my outfit as well as Fashionably Dead‘s Bossy blazer and shirt. And that, my dears, is today’s look. I’m ready to leave the house!

Running Errands

Running errands

Hair by Truth, Labyrinth
Mesh head by LeLutka, Nova
Facial applier by Glam Affair, Xia
Lipstick by Izzie’s, Holo Metalic lipstick
Eyeliner by Alaskametro<3, tightline
Scarf by Erratic, Satin scarf
Earrings by Kunst, Amelia
Turtleneck by Ison, ribbon back turtleneck
Puffer jacket by COCO Designs
Skirt by Ison, Asymmetrical strap skirt
Pyrs by Lowen, Mia laced bag


December is not my best month of the year to be completely honest. I don know whether I have actually shared some of my December issues before, but suffice to say, it’s too much, too fake, too busy and too dark.

Traditionally, when people ask me what I want for my (December) birthday, I will tell them, “Bring me January and you’ll make me the happiest girl on earth” Well, either that or world peace. I am not asking much, right?

I still have my pixel doll to play dress-up with and distract me some. Though even that seems to become somewhat of a chore this month. It doesn’t show though, she looks as pretty as ever!


Hair Aria by Magika
Head Korina by LeLutka
Facial applier Sheryl by Glam Affair @Kustom9
Glasses Classic Joan Acetate by Salvadori
Dress Armada by Clef de Peau @Kustom9
Bag Pelfar by DDL @Access
Leggings Lyra by Alaskametro<3

Chinese or pizza takeout?

I do not feel like cooking lately. I know it’s bad, but work is so hectic that I simply don’t have the energy when I get home. So we’ve been doing either frozen stuff that I still had handy or like today, I’m considering takeout. Either Chinese or pizza. Choosing is hard!

chinese or pizza take out?

Anyway, tired or not, my pixels don’t show dark circles under my eyes, or the lack of shine on my hair. I’m actually almost jealous of pixel me for not really needing any makeup and having every hairstyle she fancies at hand. The bitch!

Hair Cascade by Stealthic
Mesh head Korina by LeLutka
Facial applier Alice by MILA
Socker Sweater by Boys to the Bones
Smartphone by Tuty’s (from the selfie or belfie AO)
Dolce purse by David Heather
Skirt Elise by Blueberry
Basic Leggings by Erratic
Pale September boots by White River Co.

Bubbles at the beach

I was hopping around some and ended up at the Baja Tides sim, which is super inviting in terms of taking pics. It’s beautiful, but the tropical-themed beach doesn’t go well together with cozy sweaters and boots, so I changed into something more appropriate for the environment.

I’m wearing Blueberry‘s Catch me bikini, from a recent collab set with Reign. It came out around Halloween and is a sexy bunny set, now I am not into Halloween, so the cutesy, slutty costume overload from the end of October in SL is really wasted on me. So I will conveniently forget about the bunny stuff and just wear the hell out of this amazing bikini!

for the occasion, I have switched out of my Maitreya body and put on TMP/ the Shops Legacy. I mean, was I talking about stuff that is made exclusively for Maitreya in my previous post but in SL you can own multiple bodies, right? Not like in RL where you are stuck with one and forever frustrated that you won’t fit in that petite brand with your plus size curves -or vice versa, many women are eternally unsatisfied with whatever body type they have- in SL you can actually decide to invest in multiple bodies to fit a wide range of brands, and or occasions.

On my body, I am wearing This is Wrong wet materials shine, for that touch of wet look, and hence I am also wearing Argrace‘s Chizuru hair, which is still one of my favourite wet styles and which was updated earlier this year.

My face is Korina, by LeLutka, as usual, and today’s skin is Glam Affair‘s Kim, with some League Crush lipstick. My eyes get protection from the sun form Fetch‘s Angular glasses.

Finally, the Champagne is brought to you by Chic Chica. Cheers!

No pumpkins, please!

Hi there! I was out shopping at Erratic the other day, after all this time, it’s still one of my favourite brands in terms of both look AND feel. Not to mention the quality of the mesh and the rigging. I know some of you will feel excluded because Erratic still does mostly Maitreya exclusive, but hey… I am a Maitreya girl, mostly, so I have the advantage here. I’m wearing the Wendy sweater today and the Kristen jeans, and the scarf… that was this week’s FLF item… well, some of the singles, but I just had to fatpack this one because I am a sucker for dressy neck scarves.

Now when we’re talking availability of skins for my beloved LeLutka heads, that’d be a different story… Despite being superior in terms of both scripting and user-friendliness (yes, this is my personal opinion, yours is valid too), the time and effort of skin creators go out mainly to some of the other brands, that I will not mention here. This makes me sad, but luckily it doesn’t show because Glam Affair’s Barbara skin is just gorgeous on Korina, even if by now she’s a couple of months old.

The other day I was over at Arte to scout some makeup and I picked up this pretty Blossom eyeshadow that has the most perfect highlight in the crease. They also have a lot of pretty eyes btw. I hope the Arte creator will soon start to update older stuff to BoM and include BoM layers in her new releases, I want her stuff for her BoM GRWM posts!

For my brows, I went with Izzie’s thin curved brows and today’s freckles are from LeLutka‘s HUD.

no pumpkins please

Oh, and can I gush just for a second about Exile‘s newest braid? Aura is everything… thick lush braid, either over the left or right shoulder. I felt it was perfect for today’s look! Because it has the option to either cover or uncover the ear, I was able to show off Fetch‘s Madison earrings, which I picked up at Tannenbaum (yes, it’s back in town!). I feel that Fetch is one of those brands in SL that doesn’t get enough love for their awesome, quirky creations. Their stuff is fun, very well made, and 100% super affordable! Gretchen also makes some of my all-time favourite glasses in SL.

And because a girl doesn’t really leave the house without at least her phone, keys and a lipgloss, and stuffing it all in the pockets of your slim fit jeans is 1) not comfortable and 2) looks shitty, I grabbed Baiastice‘s Klum bag to toss over my shoulder before heading out to do some much-needed SLexploration!

LOTD: Sunday Flowers

Good morning peeps! It’s a beautiful fall day here, unlike yesterday when it was pouring down all day to the point that I discovered some leaking in our bedroom! It happens at times, we have an older house, and when the wind blows from that southwest angle, our window sills are not exactly waterproof. All the houses in our block have the same issue.

Anyhow, this morning is a different story so I went out early to pick up some flowers for the house. And where does one get flowers on a Sunday morning? at the stall next to the local cemetery! How very November! So now I have massive chrysanthemums in my living room, much like these on the SL pic from Lode!

sunday flowers

I love it when clothing items from different brands play nice together. Today I am wearing the super comfy Pixicat Cardigan over David Heather‘s Viona dress. Works like a charm, these could have been made to be worn together! My matching necklace if from LaGyo‘s Addison set which is currently out at C88, just like David Heather‘s dress

Underneath I am wearing Alaskametro‘s Lyra leggings (BoM) which simply looked better than stockings, especially when paired with the rather sporty looking Can’t Relate boots from Blueberry.

My Korina face from LeLutka, today is covered in Glam Affair‘s Lenora, out at C88 and my hair if the newest one from Truth, Ambience. Much love for the new textures, Mr. Hawks!

The decor elements are from Minimal, the Town Hall backdrop and Zerkalo, the sycamore leaves from the Beatrix garden set. Puppy was adopted from Jian!

GRWM: Glam Bam

Good morning dolls! Another day, another Get Ready With Me! The buy-in from content creators on BoM is a bit slow. Or maybe I just want it all, and I want it NOW! but for the moment, it’s pretty limited what is being released BoM/tattoo layers included. Even some of the newer skins are still not BoM compatible, so please make sure to demo!!!

But luckily, there are some trusted brands that have been consistently releasing including tattoo layers since it became clear that LL would be implementing this, so meanwhile I do have a nice selection of makeup to work with, just the number of brands is somewhat limited!

So today I started out with LeLutka‘s Aida head for a change. I adjusted my shape a bit to bring out her nice, delicate features and paired it with Avi-Glam‘s tender eyes in a very pretty dark brown. Today’s skin is Glam Affair‘s Lala 006C and yes, I have added Izzie‘s chin dimple to my basic look!

Under Truth‘s Betsy curler hair, I am wearing Izzie‘s baby hairs hair base and my tank tops are from Blueberry, the group gift tank top which I am wearing under Salt & Pepper‘s WTC tank and, only now that I am zooming out in world to check on the credits and stuff, I see that they actually do not work well together. You might get away with black on black, or white on white.. but Cloud under black… yeah no bueno! But oh well… it works for this particular shot, right?

/insert chit chat on skin routine and the layering of serums and creams to reduce pore visibility and lines because HA… pixels do not age, do not suffer from insomnia AND they don’t care of you eat chocolate! But let’s pretend for the sake of this blog that I, once again, have gone through the works, and just finished priming my skin to start some serious layering when suddenly I realized that I literally had no idea of the look I wanted to achieve today. Something contrasting to the one from the other day, that much I knew.. but for the rest, I just started to experiment and see how stuff worked together!

After I changed my skin for the Lala 006 E (browless) skin I started layering some eye makeups. Ended up using 3 different layers as well as no BoM eyeliner. Again… a little cheat because LeLutka allows for it!! Thanks Lelus!!

So this is what I used: Alaskametro‘s Editorial eyeshadow 05, followed by Zibska‘s Zeta eye makeup 12 and also from Zibska the Olya eyeliner 15. Both grey/blackish layers from Zibska, giving the editorial eyeshadow base layer a fierce and pretty dramatic depth that I’m digging! So it stayed! I finished my eye make up with Veechi‘s Pin-up liner for LeLutka and changed the dainty LeLutka lashes for some more pronounced Flirty lashes from Avada for LeLutka. My eyebrows are brushed, filled, gelled and modeled into Izzie‘s Cora eyebrows!

On my cheeks, I added the Viera 06 blush by Zibska which is defining without adding a lot of contrasting colour to my face. and for my lips, I was delighted to find out that PinkFuel had tattoo layers hidden in her pack of Dazzle me lipsticks. I went for Spice this time around because… well, fall season, and contrary to the look from the other day, I wanted to go full out Glam Bam this time! So no muted lips, but a dramatically glossy pout.

With my face done, it was time to take out the curlers and brush it out a little bit and hair.. it became Truth‘s new Shadow hair. Since releasing Betsy, Mr. T has updated his textures at least once, but actually I think twice.. but luckily this soft medium brown is still in the collection. Improved in texture, but the colour is pretty much the same. Oh well, one could make a case for good hair care and styling products here, right?

Finishing today’s look, I decided to wear Miss Chelsea‘s Popi top, currently out at N21 and COCO Design‘s choker, from the One Shoulder Top & Choker.

All dolled up, I decided to NOT go out, but instead grab a bag of crisps and veg out on my couch, watching some youtube archaeology videos because.. yup, I’m that girl!

GRWM: Mellow yellow to Golden Glamour

OHAI! Long time no seen! It’s been a long time since I had that blogging itch, but recently it started to bubble again…. but I wasn’t sure it would stick, so I decided to do a little experiment, off this blog, to see if I would like it again.

With BoM becoming available on the main grid, and the near endless possibilities of layering make up again, which was one of the best pre-mesh features, I have been doing dome Get Ready With Me (GRWM) posts transforming from bare face into a full makeup, while rambling away.

I will be reposting them here, since this blog still has daily views, and I figured I would share my finds with you guys! Hope you enjoy!

October 22, 2019: Hiya! Today I am wearing Lelutka‘s Korina head and Glam Affair Danielle skin in 006 as a base. I have been playing around with heads a bit lately, but I keep going back to Korina for now, though there used to be a time I was pretty hardcore Chloe, and before that Simone (both from LeLutka as well). But I find that recent skins do not fit these heads really well. I may at some point make a total fool of myself trying out some new skins on older heads, to balance out all the people who are wearing old as dirt skins on their heads now that they can with BoM.

Yes, I have also played with those, but only to conclude REALLY fast that some things from the past should remain in the past. Fond memories of Gala, Lovey, Starley, Naughty, Minnu and many of the epic old skin brands I adored… but gosh, girls: NO! Do not do low rez textures on your state of the art mesh heads. It’s disappointing because those old skins just won’t look as good on you now as you remember them from back in the days when they really were top-notch (trust me, they no longer are), and your poor mesh head creator will be sad because you make their creation, which cost them a lot of time to model, script test and all the other things that come with creating a head that I even have no clue of, look like crap. Ok, I really wanted to use a more derogatory word here, but let’s not start this new log adventure with a full-blown cursing rant 🙂

Anyway, after thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing my pixels, I decided to go with a sophisticated but understated look, not the full blown formal dramatic face, which would be warranted by the awesome Kunglers Miray jewelry I am wearing today. The set comes with a texture change HUD so that you can pick from a vast range of colour combinations. Miray is currently available at Belle Event!

So on to the makeup. I changed the Danielle 006 A skin with the natural blonde brows for the 006 E skin, which is browless because I wanted to add a bit more defined brow for this look, and I found that in Alaskametro‘s Beauty Guru eyebrows med filled.

In my first entry on this blog, I told you that the Beauty Guru items are part of Alaskametro‘s gacha set that she created for the Spoonful of Sugar event, benefitting Doctors without borders, and I am not sure whether this gacha will ever be available in her shop but gosh… I do hope so because this set totally rocks!

I then started to layer my make up… adding some freckles and moles from Izzie’s -Cora Moles and also from Izzie’s my chin dimple. I’m pretty much always wearing the chin dimple, so I might as well make that part of my nude/base face.. but hey, I’m still figuring this get ready with me stuff out!

My eyes are from It Girls. The gleam eyes are relatively new, and out for leLutka. They’re gorgeous, really well defined and they come in 6 shades. I wanted to accentuate them a bit so I picked Zibska‘s Tasha eyeshadow 04, which is out now at Shiny Shabby. Available for LeLutka, Catwa, Genus, LAQ, Omega and yes, BoM!!! Over the beautiful greenish metallic shade, I am wearing Alaskametro‘s Beauty Guru eyeliner 01 Finished which is a good base to wear some heavier eyelashes with. My lashes btw, being some of the thicker ones from the default LeLutka HUD

With the eyes quite pronounced, I didn’t feel I needed to add extra lipstick, so I stuck to a simple gloss from Izzie’s: Glossy lip highlights. As far as I know, these have not yet been converted into BoM layers, but hey, since LeLutka is pretty awesome, I can still wear some makeup layers on my head on top of BoM and this is actually sitting on the tattoo layer. Izzie placed it on that layer so that you could wear it over lipstick on the lipstick layer!

Last but not least I changed from Doux‘s Vel hair to their slightly more combed but still pretty casual looking Aysha hair and out of my Tetra Kimmy off-shoulder shirt and old jeans and into Valentina E‘s Modern Love gown. Add some classic pumps and a little clutch and you’re good to go!